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Flannel Brothers
Professional Services

On the outside, Flannel Brothers Professional Services has been providing tree, fireplace, and commercial de-icer services since 2017. Peel back the layers, and you will see much more. You will see values, passion, and a determination to continually keep up with the latest industry standards and equipment to provide unparalleled service.

After a 13 year career with Burlington Northern Sante Fe Railroad, Patrick Hartman decided to follow his dream of becoming a business owner.

Flannel Brothers Professional Services was established with the principles of Professionalism, Honesty, Quality, and Dependability.

Flannel Brothers has quickly become the area’s first call for certified arborist tree services, fireplace sales and service, and commercial de-icer products.

“Providing professional, honest, and dependable services at affordable prices is what people deserve. We are here to deliver just that.”
Patrick Hartman
Owner, Flannel Brothers Professional Services

Trusted Services

These days, Flannel Brothers Professional Services can be seen providing service throughout the Nebraska Panhandle and surrounding states.

There is no doubt that when it comes to tree services, fireplace sales and service, or commercial De-Icer, that Flannel Brothers is the area’s trusted name. They have the experience to get your job done right and have you moving forward with confidence in the work performed.